General FAQ

Who is Envisibly?
Envisibly is a lead aggregation technology company. Our business model is based on empowering consumers and giving them the tools to protect their identities while empowering them throughout the loan process. We’ve built patent pending technologies and a business model which anonymize and empower our consumers.
Envisibly is not a lender or mortgage company. We are a lead generation technology company matching consumers and lenders within a safe and empowered environment.
We only collect and distribute the most basic information about our borrowers. The only information we share with our lenders is the following: Your name, the state in which your property is located, if the transaction will be a purchase or refinance, proposed loan amount, and your credit quality. In addition we will ask for your email and phone numbers to enable us to manage your account. Once you feel comfortable with a particular lender, you will need to submit all the normal loan application type information but you will release this personal information on your terms.
Envisibly is a total free service for consumers to utilize. We do charge our lender parters a fee to access potential borrowers within our platform.
At no time are you required to originate a loan application with any of the lenders we match you with. At any time, you may delete and cancel your account.
We manually verify each and every lender to make sure they are in good standing and currently licensed to lend by your states mortgage regulator.
If at any time you would like to cease all contact with a particular lender, its as easy as logging into your envisibly account and deactivating their personal profile within your dashboard. After deactivation, all upcoming scheduled calls with said lender will be cancelled and lender will not have the ability to contact you further.
We require our consumers to select 3 call back times so we can match you with 3 appropriate lenders. The dates and times you chose will be at your convenience, not the lenders. Most consumers would like to “shop” for the best rates and fees so we feel matching you with 3 different lenders will give you ample choice. If after speaking with your first lender, you can cancel all future calls with other lenders we’ve matched you with. In addition, you are able to add additional new lenders at any time.
We built our software for absolute ease of use, protection and privacy. Our software is extremely intuitive. If at any time you would like assistance, please visit our Knowledge Base for helpful FAQ’s and videos or send us a message and we will do out very best to answer all your questions.
The only loan type limitation is any limitation of your matched lender. Most lenders these days off a full suite of mortgage loan products so you’re sure to find the exact type of loan you’re looking for.
Thank you for your interest. Use this link to go directly to the loan officer registration page "Click here"

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